vtc has unilin click system in your products

Tongue and Groove System

Thanks to Tongue&Groove click system, the planks will remain together for many years.

SPC Core

The composite mineral structure, 100% mineral.

Great fire behavior

Suitable for commercial premises thanks to complying with standard B-s2, d0.

Long lasting product

Its structure is hard as a ceramic tile to provide a great result for many years.

The X-CORE core is light, flexible and robust. Offers a dimensional stability 5 times higher than traditional LVT

Great dimensional stability

Will not be deformed or altered with temperature changes.

Due a great variety of embossed the plank is more real

Realistic designs

Due a great variety of embossed, the plank looks more real.

Its structure allows it to absorb the environmental sounds over 10 db vtc

Sound Insulation

Absorb environmental sounds over 10 dB.


Size available of vtc xcore fix 610x305

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